Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowbound diets & a little Yin-Yang

---Good morning everyone!
---I am prepping to go to work after being home bound for the last 6 days. I suppose I cant complain as I spent the time exercising and working out and lost 6 lbs since Saturday. I am already feeling so much better and everything tastes so good when you dont eat as much. Oh the things I do so I can look good in that little black dress lol. I can also say that I always feel better when there is more balance between my genders. To much muggle makes me content, and to much femme makes me to hard headed.
---I got my business cards ordered for my book. I think this will make it easy for me when I am out and about for the 3 months I am living as Ginger. I will just whip out a card if I get an odd look and explain what it is I am doing. I also plan on carrying with me an Iconia tablet with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and use it to document  experiences as they happen. I really need to start writing down my preparation experiences now. Not only is it diet and exercise, but it's compiling lists of things I will need to be Ginger for 3 months.Have you ever thought about how many things it would take you to live as someone of the other gender for 3 months? Kind of overwhelming isn't it?
---I am not doing this prep alone though. I have a personal shopper that will be assisting me with finding and purchasing any and all clothes/shoes/accessories I will need. I also will have a private hairdresser that will help me pick out 2 real hair wigs and teach me how to style and care for them. What more could a guy want? Thank you girls very much as I could never be successful at this without your help.
I am also waiting to hear feedback and comments from you all! I really hope to wake people up to the gender bias in our world and need your input/questions to drive my story line.

Have to run and get ready...XOXOXO

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