Sunday, January 19, 2014

25 lbs and a broken truck

---I must apologize for the long time between posts. I will say that I had a work week in there, but I could have made a couple of posts. The big thing that happened was my truck broke down. I tend to obsess on such things and spent 2 days working on it (which means I wasn't focused on training). Of course I was expecting the worst... a big repair bill. Happily the cost of repair was only $60 so I am rather pleased.
---In other news I reached the 25 lbs lost goal!! This of course is no small feat. When one starts dieting and exercising, it seems like the end goal can never be achieved. I have an end goal of 46 lbs (I know it's an odd number, but it has meaning to me) which is a chunk of weight. I now believe I can make the last 21 lbs, and do so by last spring.
---I hope to do some shopping this week, and will report on my haul when I finish with it. Until then, have a great day!


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