Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fear of what people think

---Greetings everyone! I am between workout sessions and decided to blog a bit for you. I recently set down and made a list of challenges that I will have to overcome to complete my mission to live as a woman for 3 months. I came up with a few things...

1: Body/mind preparation. This is by far the biggest obstacle for me. Getting from where I was (content, out of shape middle aged guy) to where I want to be is a looooong road. I need to lose weight and a lot of it. I need to eat healthier so I felt better. I need to prepare my skin for obvious reasons. Not only do I have to get to the point my body is ready, but I also have to maintain it. UPDATE: I have lost more than half of the weight I plan too, I have toally turned my diet around and am avoiding GMO's at all cost. And My skin is much smoother and in way better shape than it was.

2: Clothes/footwear and accessories:  So I have done very little in this department other than plan. Basically I cant shop for clothes till I lose my weight and I but my boobs & corset. Getting the proper hourglass shape has to come first, clothes second. I have located the corset I want, and I do mean a real cinch down Victorian made to order corset. In addition thanks to some inventiv drag queens, I have found a chest plate that with nothing more than a scarf around my neck will give me 42D's that you wont be able to tell whether they are real or not. Yes they are a little pricey, but well worth it.

3: Lastly is dealing with the fear of what people think of me: The greatest prison man can live in is the fear of what other ppl think. We often limit our actions through fear of criticism or judgment from others. The reason we care what people think is because we base our identity on their judgments of us, positive or negative. Because we think that part of our identity is how people view us (funny, cool, confident, shy) then we must protect that so that our identity is not affected. Of course, your identity is not what people think of you, it is just…you. You are the only person that matters. If someone stares at me, or snickers as I walk by, I won't care. If I am confident and honest, most ppl will accept me even if I am wearing heels. And if they can't? Well they can get happy in the shoes they got offended in.
---If I am not hurting anyone by what I am doing, then it's too damn bad if they get offended by it. I am a freethinker and I embrace my individuality. Everyone should walk into each new day only trying to impress themselves and then they will find true contentment.
---So this last obstacle? Well it's going to be the easiest for me. I will wear my 42D's like a badge of honor 

Until the next blog my friends...

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