Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Corset training

The time has come! I have lost 37 lbs so far and am at a waist size that corset training is doable. So for those of you that have never worn a corset let me be the first to tell you that a real cinch down corset is the best diet aid there ever was. Way better than magical diet pills, or stomach surgery...why? Simple you are forced to eat very small meals because eating hurts. Pain is a great deterrent to stuffing your face.
Of course to corset train properly you have to wear it every minute of the day that you are not bathing or exercising. It takes commitment and perseverance. However the benefits will wow you when you start to see that hourglass shape and you can fit into clothes you never ever imagined you would be able to. 
So that being said my corset came last night. I did a LOT of researching to find a good quality made to order corset maker. After trying it on I am going to HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that may want one in the future. Mine is an underbust corset, also known as a waist cincher (Much like the image above). Mine is not made to wear on the outside as it's sole purpose is cinching, not fashion, so it is a simple black model. Sadly they have to be steam cleaned when the time comes to do so.

Bad Attitude Boutique - The Corset Store
953 East Sahara Ave # B-10
Las Vegas, NV 89104

And here is the one I ordered...

Since I start my workweek in 2 hrs, I will start corset training this Saturday. I will keep you all posted on my cinching progress. 


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Down for the count

---Do you remember February? Well I don't. I had Bronchitis, followed directly by a viral infection of the corneas of my eyes that sent me to the emergency room. Then 3 nights later I caught type A flu and back to the emergency room again. That was followed by 3 days I don't even remember lying in a sickness induced coma like state and finally 3 weeks of recovery. I have not been that sick since I was a wee little lass.  Of course this story wouldn't be complete w/o drama at work. I thought for awhile that my work schedule would change drastically which would keep me from my plan. Needless to say February is a month that I would rather forget.
---So here we are in march. My illnesses are mostly behind me, I can see again, and the drama at work never happened.The damage was done however. It is far to late into the year for me to complete all the tasks I needed to start my 3 month stint as Raine in April.  Maybe in a way it's a bit of a relief because I had SOOO much to do and it will probably work out better to do it this autumn.
---So where to go from here? Start making a new plan of course. I intend to start my 3 months as Raine on Sept 15th now. This gives me plenty of time to get corset trained and lose some more weight (I have lost 35 lbs now!). Of course I have to finalize a wardrobe, makeup and everything else I will need as well. These 6 months will probably go by faster than I hope.
---All that being said I am still on course to follow through on my promises. I truly apologize for being so out of touch for so long. I would so very much like to get some feedback from you all. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, give me your opinions. I can't write this book without knowing the topics that people are interested in reading about. I need your help!
---Well I need to get to bed as the clock jumps forward tonight. I promise to make many many more posts in the days and weeks to come...