Saturday, March 8, 2014

Down for the count

---Do you remember February? Well I don't. I had Bronchitis, followed directly by a viral infection of the corneas of my eyes that sent me to the emergency room. Then 3 nights later I caught type A flu and back to the emergency room again. That was followed by 3 days I don't even remember lying in a sickness induced coma like state and finally 3 weeks of recovery. I have not been that sick since I was a wee little lass.  Of course this story wouldn't be complete w/o drama at work. I thought for awhile that my work schedule would change drastically which would keep me from my plan. Needless to say February is a month that I would rather forget.
---So here we are in march. My illnesses are mostly behind me, I can see again, and the drama at work never happened.The damage was done however. It is far to late into the year for me to complete all the tasks I needed to start my 3 month stint as Raine in April.  Maybe in a way it's a bit of a relief because I had SOOO much to do and it will probably work out better to do it this autumn.
---So where to go from here? Start making a new plan of course. I intend to start my 3 months as Raine on Sept 15th now. This gives me plenty of time to get corset trained and lose some more weight (I have lost 35 lbs now!). Of course I have to finalize a wardrobe, makeup and everything else I will need as well. These 6 months will probably go by faster than I hope.
---All that being said I am still on course to follow through on my promises. I truly apologize for being so out of touch for so long. I would so very much like to get some feedback from you all. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, give me your opinions. I can't write this book without knowing the topics that people are interested in reading about. I need your help!
---Well I need to get to bed as the clock jumps forward tonight. I promise to make many many more posts in the days and weeks to come...


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