Monday, May 19, 2014

Temporarily AFK...

Hello everyone! No I am not dead, nor have I given up my quest to write my book about living as a woman. I got rather side tracked with a trip to Mexico that ate up all my time. I have to say it was VERY nice not to have to worry about being cold for a week. So without further ado, here are some recent details of my life ...

Countries visited: 1 (Mexico)
Sun tans acquired: 1
Nails broken: 0 (starting today)
Manicures received: 1 (With special thanks to Maria at New Moon Spa at the Crescent and all the great girls at the counter!)
Lbs gained/lost: +8 curse you Mexico and your free alcohol)
Diets restarted: 1
Funnest thing I did: Went grocery shopping in 4" stiletto's

I'm seriously thinking about getting a personal trainer to help me finish my conditioning before this fall. Time flies by fast enough without me procrastinating anymore. I'd LOVE to get questions from you all about anything related to my book writing quest. I have yet to receive a single one. Oh well I must go hop on my elliptical while I watch Vikings. Adios!

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